Dredging Works and Services

Our company offers the whole range of dredging works and services.

We are offering you the best dredging team, which consist on skilled workers, equipped with the most
modern dredging equipment and well-trained managing staff

Use Dredging services and:

  • Prevent or repair coastal erosion;
  • Create new waterways, harbors or berths;
  • Prepare ground for docks, bridges or piers;
  • Maintain navigable or deepen channels and waterways;
  • Reclaim the land and construct new land;
  • Obtain sand and gravels for construction industry;
  • Nourish the beaches.

We carry out all the dredging services, using up-to-date innovations, software systems, equipment and
dredging technologies.

We have a successful experience of conducting dredging works in Turkey, Egypt, Argentina, Georgia,
Bulgaria and other world countries. The priority direction of our activity is to work in Turkey, Egypt,
Kazakhstan as well as in other countries of Mediterranean and Caspian Sea.

Use our dredging services and be ahead in your industry!

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) Charter

We can provide all kinds of dredgers and dredging equipment:

  • trailing suction hopper dredger;
  • multi-bucket dredger;
  • hopper barge;
  • floating cranes etc.

Our skilled engineers will provide you with all relevant instructions and supervision.

Trailing suction hopper dredger can be chartered in different world areas and regions.

Use the TSHD for:

  • shore protection and beach restoration;
  • river and sea approach channels dredging;
  • reclamation for new areas creation;

We offer different options for you in order to have the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger in charter.
The TSHD as well as other dredging services and equipment is available in Turkey, Egypt, Argentina,
Georgia, Bulgaria. Ask for special offer if you need dredging in Turkey, Egypt, Kazakhstan or other
countries of Mediterranean and Caspian Sea.

PJSC "Chernomortechflot"

Our company works in the market of dredging works and hydro-construction since 1933. For the 75 years of its work "Chernomortechflot" successfully participated in more than 600 dredging and construction projects of varying complexity in 40 ports around the world, excavated more than 500 million cubic meters soil.

Today PJSC "Chernomorteсhflot" is an efficient company that owns 45 vessels of technical fleet

for all kinds of dredging and hydro-construction works. For your services our specialized fleet consisting on different types of dredgers: Trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD), Bucket ladder dredgers, Self propelled hopper barges, Floating pile driver, Floating cranes etc.

The company successfully performers the works connected with re-construction and construction of the berths, moles, professionally carries out the under-water construction works. We have more than 1 000 highly skilled specialists in field of dredging works and hydro-construction.

You can order all kinds of dredging works, hydraulic engineering and marine construction works. Almost all types of dredging and marine construction projects can be effected with our Trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD), Bucket ladder dredgers, Self propelled hopper barges by our qualified skilled specialists.

We always ready to meet your requirements in execution of different projects on dredging, reclamation and construction works on the basis of mutual benefits!

Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger 'Prorvin'

Length 80.49 m, Breadth 15.1 m, Depth 5.6 m, Loaded draught 4.2, Dredging depth max. 20 m, Hopper Capacity 1300 cu.m, Speed loaded 12 kn, Propulsion 2 x 1510/1111 h.p./kW.

Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger 'Severodvinskiy'

Length 76.8 m, Breadth 13.72 m, Depth 5.18 m, Loaded draught 4.11, Dredging depth max. 15 m, Hopper Capacity 1180 cu.m, Suction pipe 600 mm, Discharge pipe 600 mm, Speed loaded 10.6 kn, Propulsion 2 x 1510/1111 h.p./kW.

. Multi-bucket dredger 'Maykan'

Length 71.4 m, Breadth 12 m, Depth 4.5 m, Draught 3.45 m, Dredging depth 16 m, Bucket volume l360, Production 400 cu.m/h, Speed 8.3 kn, Propulsion of M.E. 2610/1920 h.p./kW, Propulsion 2 x 612/450 h.p./kW.

Multi-bucket dredger 'Viktor Lekarev'

Length 80.17 m, Breadth 14.80 m, Depth 5.20 m, Air draught 17.10 m, Full draught 3.70 m, Speed 8.80 kn, Propulsion 1 x 1000, 1 x 760 kW, Production 750 cu.m/h, Dredging depth min 5.0 m, Dredging depth max 24.0 m.

Hopper barge 'Kapitan Korobko'

Length 53.2 m, Breadth 11.00 m, Depth 4.44 m, Air draught 16.00 m, Full draught 3.70 m, Speed 9.0 kn, Propulsion 2 x 300 kW, Hopper Capacity 600 cu.m.

Sea going tug 'Meridian'

Length 34.78 m, Breadth 8.50 m, Depth 3.72 m, Full draught 2.96 m, Speed 10.50 kn, Propulsion 1 x 570 kWt, Towrope power 8.00 tons.
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